There once was a girl who was given a chance to do something important. She’d been waiting a long time for this and was excited to help out on the ranch. She wanted to be the best helper the world had ever seen.

She prayed hard:

“Lord, show me what needs to be done so I can take care of it”

“Lord, show me the way he likes things done so he will enjoy working with me”

“Lord, give me the skills I need to get it done”

“Lord, help me to read his mind (what was she thinking?!?) so I can do what needs to be done without being asked”

Her Job: Her job was to help her husband feed round bales to the cows by cutting off the plastic wrap. This is where the utility knife comes in.

But instead of being a help…she was a nuisance. She kept losing the utility knives. They fell out of her pockets. She’d put one down and forget to pick it back up. Other people even borrowed their knives to her, but she lost those too.

She was discouraged. She only had one job to do and it wasn’t all that hard. For stupid. Meanwhile her husband had to search the pastures for the missing knives. What a waste of time. Only God knows where those knives are. Talk about humbling…

The very next week, she hosted a bible study on the topic of humility. Coincidence? I think not. She shared her story about the utility knife and they all had a good laugh about it.

Then she understood. Lord showed her that her desire had become an idol.

The Moral of the Story: No matter how much you want something, or how much you want to please someone, it is never worth putting on a pedestal. Pedestals only belong to the Lord. He is the only one we should hold up that high.

Oh, and by the way… At the next bible study, two of her friends gave her new utility knives. And to this day she can still find, well, …one of them.

You guessed it. That girl is me.

The trouble maker…

Can anyone relate??

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Tashonna · November 16, 2017 at 4:48 am

Love, and love you girl!!!! Thank you so much or sharing you are such a beautiful encouraging lady!!!!! Looking forward to your next blog and re reading the last 2!!! Thank you for the encouragement. Love ya

    admin · November 17, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Thank you my friend! I love YOU!!!

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